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Kelley Hyatt and Anna Barson opened Pure CBD in February 2019 at 203 N. Broome St., after years of working in corporate jobs. Kayla Berenson/WW photo

WAXHAW – With so many stores selling cannabidiol products, it can be hard to get the right information. That is where Pure CBD comes in, separating itself from other stores.

The store’s co-owners, Kelley Hyatt and Anna Barson, aim to educate their customers before they sell their products.

Our number one priority is not to necessarily sell the product, but we do want to provide you with the right information,” Barson said. “We educate our customers on what to look for and all the different CBD products that are available that they can take. We listen, we hear their pain and whatever it is they’re dealing with, we recommend the best options for them.”

Barson and Hyatt said the two most popular uses of CBD are to ease anxiety and dull pain. They said it can also be used for cancer patients after chemotherapy to relieve nausea.

Pure CBD sells CBD oils, gummies, hemp flowers, lotions and tea. They even carry products designed to calm pets down during thunderstorms.

The co-owners intentionally call Pure CBD a boutique, rather than a CBD shop. Aesthetically pleasing lights and plants line the wooden walls, giving the boutique a calm, inviting feeling. They emphasize that nothing in the store contains marijuana and would get clients high.

If you go into other CBD stores, it could be that they also sell bongs and pipes, but we wanted something that everyone could be comfortable here,” Hyatt said. “We serve young moms and we serve grandparents, so we wanted them to feel comfortable here and be able to educate.”

Hyatt learned about CBD when her sister started taking it for arthritis. Hyatt began taking CBD for back pain and anxiety. With time, she saw results and was able to get off of at least three different prescription medications by using CBD.

Hyatt told Barson about CBD when the two worked together in a corporate job. Both of them decided they wanted to take their lives in different directions. They opened Pure CBD in February 2019.

It was a huge leap of faith,” Hyatt said. “Neither one of us had ever owned our own store. We both worked for big, corporate companies our whole careers, but we decided to go for it.”

The two have educated themselves on all things CBD. They research all of the products available and choose the highest-rated, best quality ones for their customers.

When walking around the store, customers may notice jars with hemp flowers that look like marijuana. The biggest misconception about CBD, Hyatt said, is that it gives off the same effect as marijuana. While hemp and marijuana both come from cannabis, Hyatt said there are differences, one being that industrial hemp is legal.

They are very close and they do a lot of similar things, but industrial hemp will not get you high,” Hyatt said. “It has 0.3% THC in it. Nothing in here will get you high.”

Barson said another misconception is that CBD is a cure or a miracle-worker. She said it does not take away pain or anxiety, but dulls and soothes it.

Making personal connections with customers is Barson and Hyatt’s favorite part of the job. They said sometimes, customers will stay for more than an hour to learn about CBD and which products would work best for them.

Pure CBD has been a game-changer for my family,” Waxhaw resident Nikki Alfaro said. “I love that they are local, they really know their stuff, only carry the top trusted brands and surprisingly, are even cheaper than purchasing online, which can be difficult to know who to trust. They really take the time to understand your needs.”

Want to learn more?

Pure CBD will host a “CBD 101” seminar Feb. 15 with Ellen Tacher, the first woman to open a CBD store in North Carolina, and Dr. Deborah Matthew. The store is located at 203 N. Broome St. RSVP by Feb. 12 by clicking here

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