Dye Pirates advocate for health of neighbors | Dadeville – The Alexander City Outlook

The owners of Dye Pirates in Dadeville are actively paying it forward and encouraging others to do the same by offering free supplies to anyone who needs them.

John Vandenbrook and his wife, Serenity, and daughter, Harmony Queen, began by sewing two-ply personal protection masks and donating them to area residents. They realized they had excess items residents seem to be searching for including toilet paper, Clorox wipes, antibacterial soap and Lysol, so included these gratuitous items to their philanthropy.

“We want to make sure everyone makes it through until they can restock,” Vandenbrook said. “We want everyone to stay safe, so we’re doing what we can for our community.”

A lot of Dye Pirates’ customers are older so they’re being extra cautious about sanitizing everything and offering curbside delivery. Word has spread about the Vandenbrooks’ generosity and people have come in asking for masks.

“We especially want the people in the healthcare field and those visiting elderly houses to take what they need,” Vandenbrook said. “But we just have a little Singer sewing machine so we may tell people to come back the next day and we’ll put one back for them.”

Some have offered to pay but Vandenbrook simply asks individuals pay it forward.

“It’s not about the money,” he said. “It’s about our community. We want to take care of our neighbors and want them to be happy.”

The Vandenbrook family also is making hand sanitizer according to World Health Organization (WHO) instructions.

“It’s really strong alcohol,” Vandenbrook said. “We’re making a big jar of it and letting people come fill up their bottles.”

Dye Pirates opened two years ago as the only Physicians CBD Council-certified store east of Colorado. The business’ doors will remain open even during the coronavirus pandemic as it is considered a medical resource and an essential in Alabama.

“I’ve been using (CBD) for 10 years and I’m a big advocate,” Vandenbrook said. “It really makes a difference. We want everyone to feel better.”

Vandenbrook offers to research products customers may have questions about — even if they’re not ones he sells in his store.

“If you’re looking if its good, we’ll educate you on it,” he said.

Some of Dye Pirates’ big sellers include CBD oil and pain relief cream, pet products and suckers and gummies.

Vandenbrook is also a member of the nonprofit Grateful Heads, which tie-dyes bandanas to distribute to cancer patients. Once a year, a group of 28 members, some international, meet in Virginia for five days to create these bandanas, which are then delivered to hospitals across the world.

“We like to bring a little color into a dark place,” Vandenbrook said.

Dye Pirates is open 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday and from noon to 5p.m. on Sunday.

Source: https://www.alexcityoutlook.com/news/dadeville/dye-pirates-advocate-for-health-of-neighbors/article_cb2e7248-6f77-11ea-879c-5322d0eef0ef.html